Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Pictures from Roy's Orphanage Visit

Mike & Emily bonding on the way to the orphanage. 
His shirt was the perfect choice for today!!

Roy and his foster mother!  💓😍💗

Some of the orphanage staff.  

They loved Maddie!  😊

Outside Roy's orphanage.
There are currently 189 kids there waiting to be adopted.

Roy’s Orphanage Visit

Today was the day to visit Roy’s orphanage!  I’m happy to report Mike woke up feeling 100% again!  Poor Roy didn’t want to wake up at all!! We were scheduled to leave at 7:45am. We could barely wake him up!  He slept the whole way there (it’s a 2 hour drive, one way). 🙈

Unfortunately, I woke w/my stomach feeling awful.  It was a tough decision, but I thought I should stay behind & rest.  I literally stayed in bed all day & caught up on some much needed sleep.

Mike was very brave (& amazing) and took all 3 kids to the orphanage.  We figured it would force some bonding between him & Emily.  It did! She wanted to be held by him the entire time! I was thrilled to hear it!  Our guide kept sending me updates, assuring me all was well.   

Roy was able to see his foster mother today! She was delighted to see him!! Mike said Roy got so many hugs today from her & many of the orphanage workers!  It was great to see photos as I recognized several of the staff from last time.

They were able to get a tour of the orphanage & meet many of the kids.  Such a special day for them!

They were home a little before 5 and had pizza in the room.  Tonight is our last night sleeping in the hotel!  We start the long journey home tomorrow night!! Finally! We arrive 11pm on Thursday night at JFK.  Oh it will be so good to be HOME! These two weeks have gone by slowly this trip.  We are ALL excited to get home & start some new routines as a family of 5!

I’m not sure exactly when I’ll post please keep praying & specifically for the flight home.   Once I have pictures from Jana, I plan to do post some here. I’ve barely taken photos this time as my arms have been full w/Emily.  A great problem to have really! 😍

Thank you for your love & support!! 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Pictures of Consulate Appointment and Safari Park - Oct. 16

Emily's foster mother told us that she loves cell phones!
She sure does!  🙈

Our hotel gave us some yummy pastries as a thank you for changing rooms.  

Emily's just checking out the view from our 22nd floor view.  💗

She loves playing peek-a-boo with the curtains.  🙈

It's so nice to see her so HAPPY!

Roy was showing her how strong he is!  🙊😂

I think Emily must've seen yoga before! 
She just started doing this on her own!

At the Consulate appointment. 
Jana stayed with Roy back at the hotel.

Roy feeding the giraffe today! 
Jana took a ton more photos.  Hopefully I'll post more when I get them.  

We loved seeing the pandas up close!!

Oh how I love this photo! 
We were thrilled Emily let Mike hold her!!
Progress is being made!!!

Taking a mini gondola ride over the park!

Miss Brave!!

Consulate Apointment & Safari Park

Hey all!

We were supposed to go to the wonderful Safari Park yesterday, but it was down pouring all day.  We were disappointed, but really needed a calm day at the hotel.  Ironically enough, there was a big water leak in our bathroom & we had to switch rooms. 🙈 it ended up taking way longer than we thought, but now we have a jump start on packing for home.

Unfortunately, Mike & Roy have some sort of stomach bug.  They've been troopers, but nobody wants to be sick away from home.  We are praying it is over soon.

This morning we had our consulate appointment.  It went  great.  Lord willing, Emily's visa will be ready on Thursday morning & then we fly home Thursday night.  We are ALL ready to be H.O.M.E!

We decided to go to the safari park after the consulate appointment.  I'm not sure it was the best decision or not, but it's definitely a memorable trip!  We knew Roy would love it, despite not feeling so hot.

Tomorrow, we head to Roys orphanage.  We are excited to go & even see his foster mother again!  It is four years this month that we met our Roy-boy!  Oh how we love him & are so thankful he is our son.

Please 🙏🏻 for a few things:

1. Mike & Roy to be well soon!
2. That nobody else gets this bug!
3. For Emily to warm her heart to Mike.  She is very very timid of him.  She did actually let him hold her for 10 min today without crying!! This is a BIG deal!!
4.  For our long journey home!  Maddie & Roy did great on the way over here, but now we are adding a 2 year old - no doubt that it will be a little more lively.

Thank you soo much!!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday Oct. 14 Pictures!

Roy getting a potato on a stick today!  He loved it!

Emily's first stroller ride! 

So many people & so pretty all at once!

Can anyone spot Mike in this photo?  I'll give you a hint - he is wearing pink. 
He joined in on a mob shirt sale frenzy!  🙈😂

Sisters playing together at lunch!  

Roy loves his little sister!  😍

Look who finally got himself a Silk! 
He's been wanting one for years!  I always thought he was joking! 

The traditional statue picture! 
We have one of Roy by the statue in 2014...crying!  🙈

The famous Red Couch at the White Swan!!

The White Swan Lobby

All five of us, admiring the beautiful lobby. 
I'm not sure why - but I LOVE this photo!  

Mike always wanted a baby bump!  Ha! 
As it turns out, Emily wants to be held all the time, but HATES our Ergo.
We saw a woman on the train wearing one of these & we thought it was such a good idea!
So we purchased one & Emily really enjoys it, while giving our back & aching arms a break!
The child basically sits on the little seat. 
Of course you hold them there, but it's much easier than carrying her all the time.  

Emily is helping pick out her pearl necklace!  😊

Apparently Emily is already into selfies!  😂

Medical Exam & Shamian Island

Yesterday was the medical exam & Emily did AMAZING!  It is such a scary time for the kids.  They’ve only been with their new parents a few days & suddenly they have to get seen by several doctors all at once.  Most kids scream & cry (understandable as they’ve just been through such trauma)!  Well, our little Emily was so brave & only cried at the TB test!  We couldn’t believe it!! We were so proud of her!

This morning when Emily awoke, she didn’t immediately cry like she had been doing.  We are excited for the progress.  Everyone went downstairs for breakfast and just she & I stayed in the room.  We started playing with bubbles & she actually giggled & started WALKING AROUND THE ROOM!  For the most part, she has wanted to be held non stop.  I couldn’t believe this change in her.  She ended up giggling!! Oh what a glorious sound this was to hear.

Mid-morning, we went to the pearl market & Shamian Island.  We bought Emily a pearl necklace to give her someday. ❤️ We could tell as the day was going on, she was getting more & more comfortable with us.  Smiling more & even letting us give her first ride in the stroller!!

We went to Lucy’s for lunch (popular restaurant that many adoptive families enjoy on the island) & watched Emily come alive before our eyes!  She was giggling and really playing with the kids. Our hearts are so full seeing her finally let her guard down & start to like us!!  What a blessing!

We then did some shopping where I might’ve gotten carried away. 😉 Hey-it’s not everyday I get to shop in my kids birth country!  I bought gifts to give them on special occasions over the years. ☺️

After that, we headed over to check out the famous “White Swan” Hotel.  It was under construction when we were here adopting Roy.  It’s absolutely beautiful!!!

We are all just soo thrilled with the progress Emily has made! Soo much in one day!!

Of course we had to push it & try for her first bath tonight.  🙈 She was having NO PART of that! Not even w/big sister in the tub with her.  We will try again soon.

Tomorrow we are off to the Safari Park.  I can’t wait for the kids to experience this!  We enjoyed it so much last time.

Please keep 🙏🏻 for us, especially Emily.  They are felt & oh so needed!

Dawn for the Rettews ☺️

Friday, October 12, 2018

Pictures!! :)

Here was one of the only times we've heard Emily talk.  We are pretty sure she was telling Roy not to touch her water! 😂 Look at her little finger!!!

I've heard "imitation is the most sincere form of flattery"....  Well, she's got that down!  We are pretty sure she copied Maddie snuggling her "rara".  She has completely latched onto a washcloth & uses it as a comfort item.  She genuinely gets stressed when she can't find it.  🙈

And...when she is scared of you or doesn't want to deal with you, she uses it as a shield.  No joke!  🙈

Here are some of the views on the way to Emily's orphanage.  It was so beautiful!  The photos don't do it justice!   
Here we are with Emily's foster Mother.  💗😍💗😍

The happiest big brother & big sis around!!  They love her so, even with all her crying!  Roy has only complained once about it!!  

Playing in the hotel playroom while we wait for our room to be ready.